Section 57 | Extension of period to deal with request

(1) The head of a private body to whom a request for access has been made, may extend the period of 30 days referred to in section 56(1) (in this section referred to as the “original period”) once for a further period of not more than 30 days, if –

(a) the request is for a large number of records or requires a search through a large number of records and compliance with the original period would unreasonably interfere with the activities of the private body concerned; 

(b) the request requires a search for records in, or collection thereof from, an office of the private body not situated in the same town or city as the office of the head that cannot reasonably be completed within the original period; 

(c) consultation among divisions of the private body or with another private body is necessary or desirable to decide upon the request that cannot reasonably be completed within the original period; 

(d) more than one of the circumstances contemplated in paragraphs (a), (b) and (c) exist in respect of the request making compliance with the original period not reasonably possible; or 

(e) the requester consents in writing to such extension. 

(2) If a period is extended in terms of subsection (1), the head of the private body must, as soon as reasonably possible, but in any event within 30 days, after the request is received, notify the requester of that extension, the period of the extension and the reasons for the extension. 

(3) The notice in terms of subsection (2) must state – 

(a) the period of the extension; 

(b) adequate reasons for the extension, including the provisions of this Act relied upon; and 

(c) that the requester may lodge a complaint to the Information Regulator or an application with a court against the extension, and the procedure (including the period) for lodging the application. 

[Section 57(3)(c) substituted by section 110 (Schedule) of Act 4 of 2013]