Chapter 4 | Grounds for refusal of access to public body records

Section 33 Interpretation
Section 34 Mandatory protection of privacy of third party who is natural person
Section 35 Mandatory protection of certain records of South African Revenue Service
Section 36 Mandatory protection of commercial information of third party
Section 37 Mandatory protection of certain confidential information, and protection of certain other confidential information, of third party
Section 38 Mandatory protection of safety of individuals, and protection of property
Section 39 Mandatory protection of police dockets in bail proceedings, and protection of law enforcement and legal proceedings
Section 40 Mandatory protection of records privileged from production in legal proceedings
Section 41 Defence, security and international relations of Republic
Section 42 Economic interests and financial welfare of Republic and commercial activities of public bodies
Section 43 Mandatory protection of research information of third party, and protection of research information of public body
Section 44 Operations of public bodies
Section 45 Manifestly frivolous or vexatious requests, or substantial and unreasonable diversion of resources
Section 46 Mandatory disclosure in public interest