Section 79 | Procedure

  1. The Rules Board for Courts of Law, established by section 2 of the Rules Board for Courts of Law Act, 1985 (Act 107 of 1985), must, before 28 February 2009, subject to the approval of the Minister, make rules of procedure for –
    1. a court in respect of applications in terms of section 78; and
    2. a court to receive representations ex parte referred to in section 80(3)(a).
      (Section 79(1) substituted by section 23(a) of Act 55 of 2003)
      (Section 79(1) substituted by section 27 of Act 66 of 2008)
  2. Until the rules of procedure in terms of subsection (1)(a) come into operation, an application in terms of section 78 must be lodged with a High Court or another court having jurisdiction.
    (Section 79(2) substituted by section 23(b) of Act 55 of 2003)
  3. Any rule made in terms of subsection (1) must, before publication in the Gazette, be approved by Parliament.